Why Is It Still Legal To Smoke In Las Vegas Casinos?

Las Vegas has long been known as a smoker’s paradise. Slot machines, gaming tables and the pungent smells of nicotine seem to go hand in hand when spending time inside any of the city’s illustrious casinos. In spite of Nevada’s smoking laws, you may wonder why smoking is still allowed in the major casinos in Las Vegas.

Current State Law

Since 2006, the Nevada Clean Air Act has been in force. This law prohibits smoking in many indoor public spaces. The law was enacted to protect children and adults from the effects of secondhand smoke.

Exceptions to the Rule

The law, however, allows some exceptions to the rule and permits people to smoke in certain establishments. An amendment to the law was passed in 2011 that permits smoking in some businesses where people under the age of 21 are not allowed to enter. These establishments include casinos as well as stand-alone bars and taverns. Smoking in strip clubs, brothels and tobacco shops is also allowed. The amendment was likely passed to help these businesses maintain their steady clienteles of smokers.

Solutions for Nonsmokers

If you want to visit Las Vegas without having to deal with smoke smells, you can find other ways to enjoy your time without hanging out in smoky casinos. Some of the best solutions for nonsmokers include:

Shopping – The city is home to world-renowned shops that sell the hottest fashions and latest designer footwear and accessories. Many of these stores can be found along the Strip or inside major hotels.

Rides and Amusement – Las Vegas is in some ways a giant amusement park where you can find fun rides. The Stratosphere’s SkyJump lets you take a safe skydiving adventure from the tower. The New York-New York Hotel and Casino features a thrilling rollercoaster. You can also visit the Adventuredome theme park inside Circus Circus.

Online Gaming – Whether you want to try online gaming while in Vegas or in the comfort of your own home, all you need is a device with an internet connection to enjoy this activity. You can still enjoy the thrill of gambling by playing poker or live roulette without having to set foot in a smoke-filled casino.

Poolside Fun – If you want to take a dip to cool off from the desert heat, any of the swimming pools at the city’s resorts will be perfect. Some of these pools have poolside bars and host parties that include music and good times.

Live Shows – Las Vegas earns its moniker as “The Entertainment Capital of the World” largely because of the live shows that are performed in venues throughout the city. Famous singers, acrobats, and other thrilling performances are showcased nightly in front of live audiences. You can also check out some of the free outdoor shows that are staged most times of the year along the Strip.

A trip to Las Vegas doesn’t always have to involve coming home smelling like an ashtray. From playing some live roulette online or visiting one of the city’s other attractions, there are many ways to enjoy a smoke-free time in Las Vegas.